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Sunday, February 17 2013, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

International Mother Tongue Day is a globally recognized holiday with its history rooted in Bangladesh. Before the country received its independence, it was known as “East Pakistan” (a province of Pakistan). A law was passed that made it mandatory for Pakistan and East Pakistan to use Urdu as the official language. This was controversial because the majority of East Pakistanis were native speakers of Bangla.  On February 21st 1952, college students in East Pakistan protested for recognition of their native language Bangla, but they were shot and killed by Pakistani police. Their deaths are commemorated each year on February 21st, which is known as International Mother Tongue Day.


The Bangladeshi Students Association feels that it is our duty to spread awareness of this holiday and its purpose by hosting an event that showcases the language of Bangla, as well as the many other languages spoken around the world to celebrate linguistic diversity and human right to speak our native tongues. BSA invites the many cultural organizations of UF to participate and celebrate their mother tongues. There will be a variety of performances that each showcases a certain language. We will educate the audience on the holiday and its history, expose them to a variety of languages and cultures around the world, as well as entertain them with skits, dances, songs, and demonstrations that illustrate the power and importance of language. 

Rion Ballroom

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Music/Concert, Performing and Fine Arts