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Event Time and Date

Sunday, November 11 2012, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

This event will have two parts. First, on the North Lawn, we will have a small benefit concert. Christian organizations will have the chance to set up booths that "advertise" their organization to other UF students as well as the Gainesville community/potential future UF students. In the Rion Ballroom, groups of 150-200 people will be packaging food for Haiti. The food will be brought in by CRU and Cross International staff the night or morning before the event (depending on which the Reitz Event staff allows us to). From there, we will unload the pallets of food and load them into the Rion Ballroom using our own equipment. We have been working with Tara Siler and Katie Rogers from the Reitz Union Event Services staff on the details and logistics of the event. They have given us temporary approval to move forward with this event and because it is complex we have submitted this permit early. We will be meeting with them shortly to get all details fleshed out and authorized.

North Lawn and Rion Ballroom

Event Category:

Special Event